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Uncle Wicket wants YOU for Darthipedia.
"The funniest Star Wars wiki of them all? That's easy: Wookieepedia. But Darthipedia's pretty funny too."

Darthipedia, the Star Wars Humor Wiki, is a wiki created on August 10, 2007 by Gonk.


Sometime in the summer of 2007—the exact date is lost to history—Gonk realized that there was no English Star Wars humor wiki. In fact, the only Star Wars humor wiki in existence was Vongopedia, a Polish SW parody wiki. Gonk, a typically monolingual American, had no idea what any of it said.

Inspired by what he viewed as the limitless potential of sites like Memory Alfa, the Star Trek humor wiki, Gonk realized someone needed to create an English humor wiki for Star Wars, and decided it might as well be him.

Twelve support votes and days of shameless self-promotion later, Darthipedia was created. Within two days it had already surpassed 70 articles. Within a couple of short weeks, it exceeded Memory Alfa's total number of articles (though the Star Trek humor wiki still got more hits, presumably because of this).

In May 2008, Darthipedia extended a moist, peculiar-smelling hand of friendship to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki in the form of "The Darth Dispatch." This marked the beginning of a largely unsuccessful series of attempts to form a community beyond the highly active, highly abusive Darthipedia IRC channel. Later that same year, as anyone with the intelligence of a sea cucumber could have predicted, the official friendship was called off in an acrimonious shouting match at Chili's, right in front of everyone.

Gonk appears to his subjects in the inaugural installment of The Gonk Crusades. Note the erroneous, heretical spelling of Gonk's name.

June 2008 saw the premiere of The Gonk Crusades, the official Darthipedia webcomic. The ensuing flood of media attention, effusive praise, and terrifyingly dedicated fans nearly caused Gonk to become a recluse, shunning all human contact, electronic or otherwise; then he woke up and remembered that he had maybe ten readers.

The following October, Darthipedia became Wikia's second most hated wiki (behind Wookieepedia) with the debut of The Jax Pavan Project, an attempt to create an article for every male named Jax Pavan living on Coruscant—which was to result in 582,797,753 articles. Darthipedia's official bot, Darth-2-D2, had created tens of thousands of identical articles—briefly but officially making Darthipedia the biggest Wikia wiki—before the project was noticed and gradually scaled back. To appease the frothing Darthipedian masses, it was agreed that Darthipedia could continue to claim it had over 582,797,753 articles, and, as a wiki, it didn't have to worry much about verifiability.

Vital stats

Number of Articles582,800,995
Number of Non-Pavanized Articles3,242
Number of Darths194
Official MascotDarth Darth Binks
Official BrowserFirefox
Official Novelist/SingerSteve Perry
Official Song Goober Peas
Official ThreatTo destroy your planet
Official Veiled Threat...for now
Official Baked GoodMUFFINS
Official Other FoodPesto con muerte
Official DrinkJawa juice
Official Means of ReproductionWookiee-Nookie
Official Reproductive Health CenterSith Happens Condom and Pregnancy Test Emporium
Official SportMandalorian Roulette
Official AnimalDewback

What the community is saying about Darthipedia

The typical reaction after viewing Darthipedia.
"It is a good source of distracção for all the ones that they need a dose of good mood and to leave of side the philosophies of the dogmatismo."
―En Ghedi describing Darthipedia on the Fan Force Portugal Official Blog, via BabelFish
"The humor wiki Darthipedia, is, for the most part… Well, they try."
Dunc of Club Jade[src]
"u gys rok!!! wookiepedia ftw!!!"
Derek J. Reda on the Darthipedia MySpace comment section
"DARTHIPEDIA: Democratic Artistic Request Trafficker, Humor Information Portfolio and Erectile Dysfunction Inhibition Application"
"Darthipedia is a relatively popular wiki."
Jack Phoenix[src]
"They gossip worst than wookieepedia, they say stuff way worse."
―Random Halopedian talking about Darthipedia[src]
"I came to Darthipedia to find entertainment among the strict Wikis. What I found was a life-changing realization: Heaven is neither location nor state of mind. Heaven is Darthipedia."
―Either someone that's snorting some really bad drugs, someone being really sarcastic or a sockpuppet account of Gonk trying to boost His ego. Quite possibly all of the above.[src]
Madclaw: "We have a "cross that bridge when we get to it" thingy."
Goodwood: "Followed up by a "burn that bridge after we cross it" thingie."
Madclaw and Goodwood about Darthipedia's general strategy.[src]
"Lol, I just went there to see how retarded some of the stuff was. And when I felt my brain cells dieing I left"
―Dakar from Germany after looking at some of our pages[src]
"...on Darthipedia. They don't mess around."
"Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darthipedia fucking sucks too (sic) many goddamn rules about fucking editing a fucking page some asshole deleted my fucking job for a nerf herder page u suck darthipedia you fucking suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
―The high prophet of peace[src]
"Darthipedia is one of the largest gatherings of gay-lords and male dick-suckers. The exception to this is an admin named Supergeeky1."[src]
"this wiki is fucking stupid and it has no credit whatsoever. it has no good article and the humour(sic) is so bad. the person who created it is a cunt and it is the most stupid wiki I have ever seen!!!"
some whiny British anon
"We sometimes find that this wiki is excessively fond of Sesame Street and the Muppets, as we see all kinds of muppets characterized as Darths. The various stories the editors made up with are so out of place that the pages doesn't even look like Star Wars-related.
You know what? I give up. This wiki is so enormous, extremely messy but organized at the same time that I have no idea what to do with it. In fact, what am I doing with it?"
―A glowing review of Darthipedia[src]

Fun facts

Darthipedia is victorious on all fronts!
  • The first Darthipedia article was Frog-Buster, created by AdmirableAckbar—well, actually, he didn't write it for Darthipedia, but rather imported it from a user subpage on Wookieepedia, so it doesn't really count. But we've let him believe that it does.
  • If you stretched out every Darthipedia article from end to end, it would reach Trenton, New Jersey. Wow!
  • The term "Darthipedia" comes from an ancient Sanskrit phrase meaning "place for pubescent nerds to hang out when they aren't furiously masturbating to comic books."
  • Darthipedia is the Internet's only planet-destroying wiki. When somebody makes Xindipedia, Darthipedia will become the Internet's first planet-destroying wiki.
  • Excessive exposure to Darthipedia can result in severe hemorrhoids.
  • Darthipedia is the Official Science-Fiction Humor Wiki of Anti-Robo-Pope Celestine II.
  • Nine out of 10 disreputable doctors recommend Darthipedia for the emotionally unstable.
  • Darthipedia was ranked #3 on Atlantic Monthly's 2008 list of "Top 100 Things We Wouldn't Even Dignify by Listing in Our Magazine." Phrenology was the runner-up, and the #1 spot went to Halopedia.
  • Darthipedia hates your freedoms!
  • Jimmy Wales calls Darthipedia "the out-of-control cancer of the Internet!" Well, not really. But he probably will.
  • Darthipedians aren't fish. They're mammals, just like you and me!
  • Support for Darthipedia is provided in part by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. (We go through their garbage sometimes. I like used coffee filters, personally.)
  • Darthipedia is many times bigger than Wikipedia and we didn't even have to ask you for money to reach that goal! ...Seriously though, give us money.
  • Darthipedia salutes the late Bea Arthur. R.I.P. Ackmena, and yes, we WILL have one more round.

Popular acclaim


redirectltr.png What the community is saying about Darthipedia

Influences on canon

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