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Concerned citizen: "How does it feel working for the Evil Empire?"
Imperial Administrator: "Whoo-hoo! It feels great! Empire Fuck Yeah!"
— A dialogue between a concerned citizen fom a neighbouring state and an Imperial Administator just as the latter ordered the execution of a group of dissidents
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Bail Organa or Orgie, was hereditary royalty of Alderaan. He served as his planet's senator during the Old Republic. He was a dealer in stolen children, one of whom he adopted. Because of the Clone Wars, his stock portfolio was ruined; therefore he took a loan from Potter. However, he was unable to pay it back, so Potter repossessed his real-estate.

After his death, his seat in the Senate was filled by Senator Schroder, until his death at the hands of one of the Saved by the Bell cast-members. We'll let you decide who it was.

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As long as Bambi's mother won't be slaughtered by Tusken raiders. That would mess with continuity.
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What most people don't know is that Vader is Latino.
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