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The Great Jawa Revolt was a brief, fierce uprising in 17 ABY on the planet Tatooine, which was launched by the native Jawas. They lost. Based foremost in the former smuggling capital of Mos Eisley, its origins were the perceived economic grievances of the Ha'ap clan. At first, peaceful demonstrations outside government buildings were the rule, but when New Republic officials made the mistake of deploying Sand People gendarmes supplied by an allied tribe, ethnic rivalry became involved. The revolt itself was ignited by the events of what became known as "Bloody Twin Sunday", when a unit of gendarmes fired on protesters, killing ninety-seven Jawa children, and made Jawa juice from the remains. Outraged, the Ha'ap clan invoked Rule 19 of the Articles of Mutual Defense and Indiscriminate Slaughter (version 2.0), which required all Jawa clans to take up arms and indiscriminately slaughter any race that has attacked them, except krayt dragons (this was taken out due to more jawas dying from just one krayt dragon attack, which looked eerily like a game of pikmin, than were slaughtered in the first place, thus the revision).

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As long as Bambi's mother won't be slaughtered by Tusken raiders. That would mess with continuity.
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"Sell my mother into slavery for three magic beans? Okay..."
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