YVH 1 combat droid

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YVH 1 combat droids were trained in the arts of Yuuzhan Vong slaughter and gettin' it on to Barry White music

The YVH 1, or Yuuzhan Vong Hunter combat droid #1, was a seriously bad-ass motherfracking droid with frackin' laser beams coming out of everywhere and electrified monofilament taser thingies and missiles and grenades, and it'd put a foot up your ass if you looked at it wrong. They were designed to kill Yuuzhan Vong, and they were really good at it.

The droid was designed by Lando Calrissian's defense contracting firm Tendrando Arms, although they may have had some help from Skynet. "Hasta la vista, Boba." Being Lando creations, YVH 1 droids were smooth and oh-so-irresistible to the ladies. Unfortunately, being as motherfracking bad-ass and covered in lethal weaponry as they were, they tended to leave their one-night-stands a bloody mess afterwards. So, remember, ladies, if a YVH 1 starts hitting on you, try to convince it that you're infected with a computer virus or something. (Don't bother to have your boyfriend challenge it. He won't stand a chance.)

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