Wookiee-Nookie Monster

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Wookiee-Nookie Monster
Biographical information

Sesame Street


11 ABY

Physical description

Puppet (clone)



Hair color

Lots of it

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Sith Order

Wookiee-Nookie's last stand (possibly).

Wookiee-Nookiee Monster was a proficient Wookiee-Nookier and singer and a clone of Cookie Monster. One time, he had an accident while having relations with Darth Animal and impregnated him, creating Darth Frazzle. Later, Wookiee-Nookie Monster had another child, Trekkie Monster, with an unknown Wookiee that he raped.

At some point in time, Wookiee-Nookie Monster dueled Nimrod Anthill. The outcome is unknown.

He was killed by Kylo Ren due to his profound hatred of Sesame Street and the Puppet race.


Musical career

Wookiee-Nookie allegedly enjoyed Wookiee-Nookie-ing so much that he recorded an album of songs about the one true passion that he had in life. Titled Wookiee-Nookie Monster's Best Butts, the album was a huge success with everyone in the universe except cool people like Sophitia (his eventual assassin), Boba Fett, Nimrod Anthill and Optimus Prime, as well as the Wookiees themselves.

By far Wookiee-Nookie Monster's biggest hit was "Wesk is for Wookiee-Nookie", used in many children's Holovision shows on various planets.