Vrook Lamar

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Vrook Lamar
Biographical information

Some abandoned planet


a long time ago, but somehow in the future


some time after the EMO-Hippie War by some old fag

Physical description





Ain't he high enough, ain't he low enough

Hair color

Baldish gray

Eye color

hmm, he was blind



Personal shit
Chronological and political information

The era where Hippies battled against EMOs

  • Jedi
  • Senior Citizen
Known masters

Some cool dude

Known apprentices

so many that he drowned

"Always rushing into action without thinking of the consequences. What, you're expecting thanks? Well... Thanks!"
―Vrook to the Jedi Exile

Vrook Lamar was one of the most stupid Jedi ever to walk on the face of the galaxy. He was full of powah yet he didn't use it to make peace. *sigh*... When he was young, he wasn't old. He was just young. Oh and by the way, he's an anti-evil, though he's evil.

Early Life

When Vrook was still in his father's testicles, he was the master of all sperms in it. He scored with all female sperms. On the day of his departure, he passed through a very small tube and landed safely on the other deck. He raced towards a huge sphere due north. It was the bottom of the ninth. He dug as fast as he could and he buckled up.

Nine months later, Vrook found himself as a little rascal. He was adopted by some old guy and he was thrown away to the Jedi Order. Then he was trained in the ways of the Force.

End of everything, stupid

"Old sons of bitches..."
―Darth Traya

On the Day when the Jedi Exile finally returned as a full Jedi, Vrook decided, along with Zez-Kai Ell and Master Kavar, to cut off the exile from the force. Then some old fagged lady barged in and sucked them all up, dry.

That day, Vrook and his fellow Masters ended up dry from the inside...

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