Visas Marr

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Visas Marr
Biographical information

Not anymore


Sometime BBY

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Dark brown... maybe

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What do you think?



Chronological and political information

Better than the prequel era

Known masters
Jedi Exile: "Why did your master pierce your eye sockets?"
Visas Marr: "I believe the term is Skulfrakking."
— The Jedi Exile and Visas Marr

Visas Marr was a Miraluka from Katarr, who survived the destruction of said planet and became a housekeeper for Darth Nihilus aboard the Ravager. She cooked and cleaned for the entire crew which she subsequently killed some time later. In a career move she started to work for the competition and gave the Ebon Hawk a nice makeover.


Early life

"Hey, you missed a spot"
―Darth Nihilus to Visas while she was on her cleaning duties

Visas Marr was born on the lush world of Katarr and the daughter of Frances Browne and Ray Charles. Her childhood years were quite bad as she would allays lose at dodge ball in school. Her first touch of the Dark Side came when she was failed her Speeder license exam. A couple of years later her home planet was visited by Darth Nihilus who was in desperate need for a snack. He spared her on the count of her phenomenal grades in the field of home economics and offered her a job aboard his ship, which was a dirty mess and a Sith Lord can't fly around in a piece of junk now can he? That would just be silly......... anyway, Visas was installed as first mate and started to clean the ship as best she could.

New Master

Visas starts to clean the dustbucket that is the Ravager

While flying in an unknown system she and her master felt a funky murmur in the force, she was ordered by Nihilus to investigate and subsequently kill this new threat. Visas made her way to Dantooine and soon confronted the Jedi Exile. The Jedi Exile responded my making Visas a counter offer to clean the interior of the Ebon Hawk, an offer Visas could not refuse since the Ebon Hawk was much smaller and far easier to clean. She sent Nihilus a message via carrier pigeon specially adapted for hyperspace travel,[1] stating she quit his service.


Her new duties aboard the Ebon Hawk were not the blessing she thought it would be, Atton was kinda smelly, Bao-Dur left his tools all over the place, T3-M4 leaked oil, the Handmaiden left her clothes on the floor every time she was training, Mira kept double checking her for an eventual bounty on her head, Hanharr left so much of his fur on the floor, it could easily be mistaken for a carpet, and HK-47 randomly used her for target practice. Fueled by rage, she went to the Exile and Kreia and demanded a raise in pay, and if they refused, she would step to the union. Kreia responded with Force lightning and stunned Visas because she did not see the attack coming. In the end, Visas did such a good job, everyone decided to rename the Ebon Hawk, calling it the Ivory Hawk.

Notes and references

  1. Shamelessly stolen joke from Karohalva