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This article is about A crime lord. You may be looking for the Scourge of Carpathia and the Sorrow of Moldavia.
Typical Black Sun soldier sucking up to a Vigo.
"Go to Republica 500, shoot the senator in the face, stab him a dozen times with a vibro-shiv, throw him out of the window, run him over with your speeder a couple of times, hack off his arm, stick it in his ass and make it look like an accident."
―A Vigo ordering a hit.

A Vigo was the title given to one of the nine chief lieutenants within the Black Sun crime syndicate. One would think that, with such a position, came a large deal of power. It didn't, since all Vigos had to answer to Xizor, a walking lizard who fondled robots (specifically, the smokin' hot yet ice-cold Guri).

To top it all off, Darth Maul once executed all nine know...the same Darth Maul who got chopped in half by a padawan who was unarmed at the time and didn't have the high ground. In short, Vigos sucked a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Recently, one of them was actually defeated by four dudes throwing snot at him.