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"StarNinja99 is a long time contributor who over the time has promoted several articles to Eviltudish status. A well known dude around both the wiki and IRC who knows the site inside and out. After a hiatus of several months he came back with a vengeance by reanimating Arkhampedia which has now become a partner wiki. His contributions at Arkhampedia where he currently serves as a Bureaucrat say more than enough. He promoted a helluva lot of articles to either featured or good status and he updates the site like clockwork. In short: Uncle Wicket wants you for Darthipedia! And so do I."
darf kris culater: "I thnik form now on I'll witre all my pstos lkie tihs. It wlil be inerntsetig to see who can stlil raed tehm."
joe greystin: "You write just like StarNinja99 now!"
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Names Nina, or so they say. I write for far too many sites to keep track of. I'm also quite insane.

My work

  1. Bothan Herald:Asajj Ventress shot to death by Imperial Commandos in Chiss Space‎
  2. Bothan Herald:Adalric Cessius Brandl reveals child with secretary
  3. Final class of "Basic Mother Fracking" with Mace Windu (AoE)
  4. Sabacc Table:Knights of the Old Republic
  5. The Force (AoE, upgraded to FS)
  6. Canderous Ordo is your Speeder Bike (AoEed together by me and Madclaw)
  7. Cloud City (AoE)
  8. Alaskan (AoE, upgraded to FS)
  9. Darth Fodesinbeed Annodue (FS)
  10. Wiki Wars (with Geeky)
  11. The 250 Things that Dan the Stormtrooper is No Longer Allowed to Do In the Imperial Army (With Jed and Woodnogood)
  12. Plunk (Up for FS, built off G*nk's creation)
  13. New Mandalorian (FS)
  14. You got served (AoE)
  15. Corphelion Interlube
  16. Dear Anakin
  17. Jax Pavan 8701

Additional Crap