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"Huzzah! I have finally written myself into the Star Wars galaxy!"
Biographical information
Birth date

1993 A.D. in Earth years.


San Diego, California



Physical description



Somewhere between 5 and 6 feet

Hair color

Darkish Brown

Eye color


General information



Speeder Racing

"Now, if I only knew what other picture to use here..."

Birth and Arriving in The Galaxy

Maxaxle was originally born on Earth, but fell into the Star Wars galaxy after smashing his TV screen and jumping in during a scene of Star Wars on Tatooine. The details are obscure, but he ran into a Mandalorian while looking for Han Solo. The Mandalorian, in a stainless-steel-like suit, turned out to be working for the Empire. So Maxaxle took him into a cantina, made him drunk, and took his clothing and weapons in his sleep. And then he killed the Mandalorian. And then he sold the Mandalorian for 1000 credits. And then he ate 42 of the credits.


Maxaxle works for himself, killing imperials secretly while donning the Mandalorian's suit and wielding a stolen blaster of some sort, usually stolen imperial blasters. He also helps the Rebellion whenever he can, and usually pilots stolen imperial craft, sneaking through their ranks and stealing their tech.

"I'm in ur base, stealing ur credits. And tech. Stealing ur tech."

In his badly drawn picture, he is holding a custom blaster stolen from a bounty hunter. He said it's one of his better blasters, but is no match for "that one blaster from a green mandalorian...Can you believe he got eaten by a beast on Tatooine? How stupid would you have to be..."


What? No, he never died!


Maxaxle's personality is very dependent on what is going on. Outmatched in battle, he is a coward. Matched in battle, he will kill as many enemies as possible. With victory imminent, he pulls out the big guns and kills every remaining enemy.

"I can't believe I get paid for this! Oh wait...I don't..."

Choice in weapons

Maxaxle tends to go for more accurate weapons when there is little cover but lots of space, a sniping weapon in wide open spaces, automatic weapons in cities, blaster cannons and small automatic weapons in tiny spaces, and a frying pan or a bladed weapon (dagger/sword/knife) in melee range.


-Rebels -TIE Pwners -Himself


-Imperial-affiliated beings -all types of TIEs, Star Destroyers, and the two Death Stars.

Kill List

TIEs: 10 Imperial troopers of all sorts: 42 Imperial officers: 7 Sandwiches: 10,000 Womp Rats: 500 Fatasses: 15 Dumbasses: 150 Jawas: 5 who tried to steal my X-wing, and 1 who tried to steal my blaster from its holster! Ants: 2,000,000,000 Death Stars: 1 scale model Headcrabs: 500 Headcrab Zombies: 25 Zombies: 30 Darth Fakes: 1

Sabotaged List

TIEs: 500 Star Destroyers: 2

Significant Possessions

1 X-Wing (given by the Rebel Alliance) 1 Crappy speeder bike (Bought from a junkyard and repaired) 50 Blaster Rifles (33 abandoned in battle, 5 broken, 10 kept, 1 in use) 23 Blaster Pistols (19 abandoned in battle, 2 used as a pair, 1 used as an emergency blaster) 5 TIEs (3 used for parts, 1 reserve, 1 used for undercover missions) 10 Stolen Imperial armor suits 1 Rebel Pilot outfit (given by the Rebel Alliance) 1 Rebel Trooper outfit (given by the Rebel Alliance) 1 Rebel Engineer outfit (Make a guess.) 1 stainless-steel-looking Mandalorian armor suit (stolen from a Mandalorian)