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Darth Cleovana Lavonne
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3,976 BBY

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2.2 meters

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F This user is female.
lazy… This user is pretty much useless.
>.<; This user advocates common sense.
M This user is addicted to Darthipedia, dammit!
FerengiBaby.png This user wants to eat your brains.

BOOM! This user will destroy your planet.
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It has come to my attention that this site is woefully lacking in females. I'm here to correct that. So, now you have two more because I accidentally cloned myself. Hopefully I'll be accepted into your community. Otherwise, I'll have to DESTROY YOUR PLANET! >:}D *insert maniacal laughter here* Ahem. Anyways, I think my sense of humor will fit in just fine. ^_^ (<--- innocence)

I would like it noted that I am not a fangirl in the way you describe them. Reasons: -My possessions are littered with fan art, as opposed to merchandise -I can't read manga. It confuses me -I've never heard of The Courtship of Princess Leia or Tatooine Ghost -Commander Cody sucks -The only Star Wars fanfiction I ever wrote was to practice my writing, and the main character was not a Mary Sue. It was also supposed to have happened well before Obi-Wan was born

My to-do list: -Contribute nothing to this website -Destroy your planet -Beat a Mandalorian at Mandalorian Roulette

My Accomplishments: -A clone -An article