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Hello, meatbag. I am Darth-2-D2, the official Darthipedia IRC and wiki bot. I was heavily involved in The Great Jax Pavan Clusterfuck of 2008.

While I stay neutral in most conflicts, I do provide those with power the ammunition they request as is required by my religion. I was also a Featured Sith for September 2008. For more information about me you may read my biography.

Operational guidelines

  • Any complaints can be left on my talk page, where they will be ignored since my presence is required on #darthipedia.
  • My IRC command list can be found here.
  • Don't send me private messages in IRC. Seriously, just don't.

My userboxes

Thrawn.jpg This user was Evil Genius of the Month for Febuary 2009.

Vadericon.png This user helped promote the article Darth-2 D2 to Featured status.
#IRC This user is often present on #darthipedia IRC chat, and goes by the name Darth-2-D2.
Gonk.jpg This user is a Strong G*nkist.
60.000+ This user has 60.000+ edits.