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"Acky, are you by any chance the Antichrist?"
 ? This page is cryptic. If you don't get it, bugger off.

I dislike it when (In no apparent order):

  1. Fandalorians use Wookieepedia as MySpace.
  2. Anyone uses Wookieepedia as MySpace.
  3. Users don't use punctuation.
  4. People have the arrogance to think they decide what is canon and what is not.
  5. People I dislike do something to make me dislike them.
  6. People are older than me act younger.
  7. People say things like Max is ridiculous, but don't say the Force is ridiculous.
  8. Regular users act like they are more important than admins.
  9. Mandalorians exist.
  10. People say the Exile should be male.
  11. People bother to provide reasons as to why the Exile should be male.
  12. People are idiots.
  13. People edit archived discussions.
  14. People rack up millions of edits without actually contributing.
  15. People complain about another user copying something from their userpage.
  16. People put pages worth of their political and relegious ideas on their userpage.
  17. People moan about Star Wars's technology going backward.
  18. People put spoilers in edit summaries.
  19. Authors trample continuity out of ignorance.
  20. Authors trample continuity because they "don't like how it was."
  21. People complain about a certain comic featuring one bow and arrow, despite having actually never laid eyes on it.
  22. People assume they know more than official, LFL-licensed authors, who have access to stuff us commenors could only dream of.
  23. People who do not appreciate the awesomeness of Glove of Darth Vader.
  24. More superweapons appear out of nowhere.

I also dislike (in no apparent order):

  1. Some people who are fans of Quinlan.
  2. Anyone with a * in their username.
  3. Sockpuppets.
  4. Jango Fett.
  5. Certain, ahem, authors of books.
  6. People with money. Money.
  7. Imperial walkers.
  8. Darth. Whatever.
  9. The New Unicorn.
  10. Bad musicians.
  11. Fake Sith Lords with feminine names.
  12. Orange markets.
  13. Darth Bandon's rear.
  14. Legacy comics. Given the amount of freedom the writers had, it should be far better.

NOTE: If you display any behavior listed here, that doesn't necessarily mean I don't like you. But it probably does.