Unidentified Rodian with jacket

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Unidentified Rodian with jacket
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Hair color

olive green, all six of them

Chronological and political information

This unidentified Rodian was walking through the streets of Coruscant during the Clone Wars. He sported a jacket at that time. The jacket was gray. His eyes were squinted. He looks sad. He is wearing brown pants. He is wearing tan boots. The right sleeve of his jacket has 13 visible stripes on it, whereas the left sleeve only has 3 visible stripes. The jacket has a tan border along the bottom. His jacket does not seem to be buttoned up all the way. He is wearing a blue undershirt. Six hairs are visible on his head. Ten blemishes are visible on his face.[1]

His name is speculated to be Louie, and some argue that he is in fact an important character to the Star Wars canon.

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