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Planet of origin

Trandosha, a.k.a. Dosha, Cestus III

Height of average adult

2 m

Skin color

Brown, green


Reptilian, lizard healing factor

"I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful, and quick."

Trandoshans were a warlike race of lizard people from Cestus III. They were savage hunters and were heavily involved in the galactic slave trade, particularly of Wookiees. Trandoshans were completely, totally different from Barabels and Ssi-ruuk because... wait, I know there must be a difference. Oh, yeah. Trandoshans don't have tails. See? Totally different lizard people.

The evil, conspiratorial secret about Trandoshans is that they've secretly replaced everyone in a position of power in the galaxy. That's right. They're all secretly lizard people! They survive by drinking people's fear and starting wars. Shine an ultraviolet light on them, and their true forms are revealed! Mon Mothma and Palpatine were secretly lizard people, and they ate guinea pigs for breakfast!

Anyway, Bossk was a famous Trandoshan bounty hunter.

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