Thermal detonator

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"Do not taunt happy fun ball."
―Fine-print disclaimer on thermal detonator package

Thermal detonators were grenade-like metal spheres that saw wide use in military, bounty hunting, and criminal circles. Their design has remained largely constant since at least 4000 BBY.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Thermal detonator.

The device consisted of a baradium pellet (the same stuff in proton torpedoes), surrounded by a small reaction chamber and a triggering mechanism. Activating the trigger began a localized fusion reaction that spread a deadly heat particle field out to the blast radius. Variations on the trigger included instant-press death, exciting-countdown-to-death, death-unless-I keep-pressing-this-button, bring-back-Firefly-or-else-death, and say-the-secret-word-for-death.

Famous users of thermal detonators included: Boushh, many deceased stormtroopers, and Calo Nord.

Behind the scenes

Stick four antennas on it, and a thermal detonator kinda looks like Sputnik.