The Spacer

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The Spacer in his/her natural environment
"heheheh detenton's over bicthes i'm gnona win teh server!"
―The Spacer

The Spacer was a weird male... or maybe female Human, or maybe a Bothan or Ithorian or Mon Calamari or Rodian or Twi'lek or Trandoshan or Zabrak or Wookiee. Nobody could really tell. The Spacer went randomly traveling across the galaxy slaughtering people and crafting equipment. One day the Spacer could be found on Tatooine dancing naked in a cantina; the next day, the Spacer would have moved on to Endor to kill Ewoks.

Regardless of the Spacer's true species or gender, one thing remained absolutely consistent in descriptions of him/her. After the Spacer killed somebody, he/she then knelt down and teabagged the corpse. Rumors persisted that the Spacer was being mentally controlled from a far-off galaxy by an angry German kid who was constantly yelling at his screen and breaking things in his room.

At some point in his or her career, the Spacer aided and had relations with Zayna Tredahl, Chertyl Ruluwoor, and Guri.