The Gonk Crusades

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In Book III of TGC, anti-Gonk sentiment threatens to overtake the world...and one of these people will DIE!
"Only one thing stands between Gonk and his sacred vision of world domination... Stupidity."
The Gonk Crusades tagline

The Gonk Crusades is the official Darthipedia webcomic, created by Gonk. It premiered on June 16, 2008 and tells the story of Gonk's holy war against dumbasses everywhere.

The Gonk Crusades is on indefinite hiatus. You can get caught up if you missed Book I, II, or III by scrolling down to the Archive section.

Current installment










Book I

1. "Pilot"
2. "The Path of Gonk"
3. "Beyond the Gonk Portal"
4. "Gonk's Weapon"
5. "The Enemies of Gonk"
6. "Dissent in the Ranks"
7. "The Battle Plan"
8. "Nemesis of the Geek"
9. "The War Begins"
10. "Caped Confrontation"
11. "Supergeeky Have New Friend"
12. "Supergeeky, Master Bate-Fan"
13. "The Villain Revealed"
14. "Into the Stinky Darkness"
15. "The Air Down There"
16. "Encounter in the Netherregions"
17. "There Can Be Only One Geek"
18. "We Don't Need Another Hero"
19. "Endgame"
20. "A Bitter Denouement"

Book II

21. "A New Menace"
22. "Sins of the Father"
23. "The Will of Lord Oblivion"
24. "A Peril Postponed"
25. "For Whom the Muffin Rolls"
26. "Muffins of Oblivion"
27. "Oblivion Unleashed"
28. "Ruins of Oblivion"
29. "Dawn of the Prime Evil"
30. "Betrayal"
31. "The Bake Sale...of DOOM"
32. "Of Muffins and Carnage"
33. "Gonk in Chains"
34. "What the Hell Just Happened?"
35. "Next Time"
36. "Redemption"
37. "Robot Rumpus"
38. "From the Jaws of Defeat"
39. "Friends in High Places"
40. "Resurrection"

Book III

41. "Oblivion Begin Again"
42. "Villain's Creed"
43. "With HARMS Wide Open"
44. "Honor Thy Father"
45. "Vanquished in Vancouver"
46. "There May Be Blood"
47. "Unrestful Slumber"
48. "Deadly Alliance"
49. "A Tragic Announcement"
50. "The Jumping of the Shark"
51. "The Gungan Menace"
52. "Muy Muy Treachery"
53. "Enter the Traitor"
54. "The Destruction of Gonk"
55. "Revelation"
56. "Robo-Pope Vs. Madclaw"
57. "The Stranger"
58. "Binks Triumphant"
59. "Revenge of the Gump"
60. "A Sith Subdued"

Dramatis personae

Main cast

Supporting cast


Special guest stars

Special guest villains

Occasionally Asked Questions

Q: When's the next one?

A: The Gonk Crusades is released on a fairly regular schedule, but that schedule varies from book to book. Check the History tab of this page to see when the most recent installments were added, and extrapolate from there. Note that, on occasion, special bonus installments will come out—or, conversely, an installment may be delayed for various reasons.

Q: How many books will there be?

A: Maybe three, maybe six. Nine is a remote, but distinct, possibility. (Kind of like Star Wars.)

Q: I noticed many of these characters are based on actual Darthipedians. Can I be in The Gonk Crusades?

A: Probably not. At this time, the scripts for all planned future installments are complete.

Q: Who is responsible for this travesty?

A: Direct all your rancor (but please not your rancors) to Gonk. Occasionally, Gonk has solicited ideas from other Darthipedians, but in the interest of protecting their identities, he has claimed their ideas as his own.

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