Tarisian ale

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"Taris... the best thing about that planet was definitely the ale. Get an offworld girl to drink that stuff, and you were guaranteed a good night's fun."
―Revan recounts his travels

Tarisian ale was a potent alcoholic beverage that originated on the heavily-populated planet of Taris. Brewed from a wide variety of ingredients, the kicker came from the "special gland" of a tach; this gland, when processed into a fine powder, put the oomph into the ale.

When Taris went up in smoke, the beverage which bore its name became very rare and highly prized. Mission Vao's brother, Griff, attempted to cash in on the demand by synthesizing the main ingredient in order to produce it in mass quantities. After his rescue from the Sand People of Tatooine, he persuaded Revan to procure some tach from Kashyyyk for this purpose. But, Griff being Griff, he FUBARed the recipe, and beat feet before Revan and the Exchange could break his legs.


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The consumption of Tarisian ale could be quite risky to the uninitiated. Side effects included extreme drunkenness, passing out, and date-rape. Revan either took advantage of a number of Sith minions, drunk on Tarisian ale, to steal a Sith trooper uniform, or simply killed a couple others to steal one of their bloodstained ones. History records only one version of those events.