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"The spice must floooowwww...."
Kessel miners' slogan.

Spice, also known as Happy Dust, referred to a number of types of drugs in the Star Wars galaxy. The term did not cover other drugs, including pot, cocaine, crystal meth, and other shit from that bass ackwards planet. A person could get very high on spice, but at times, it was worth the horrific short-and-long-term side-effects.

Health Warning

"And if you do spice, you go to hell before you die."
Mario in an Anti-Spice PSA

The government wants us to clear up some things about spice if we're going to have an article about it.

Spice is good only for the mind, but not for the body. If you choose to use spice, note that you're risking serious health problems, such as breast cancer, high blood pressure, or OCD (not that that's really a health issue). Spice does not prevent pregancy, and you should ask your doctor before using spice, because if you have kidney disease, you could be risking getting a UTI. Spice should only be used for enjoyment, and not for any kind of medical treatment or buddhist ritual.

Addendum: Some urban legends state that spice is the key to successful navigation through hyperspace. This is incorrect, as modern navigational computers and HoloNet connections have long since replaced the need for such stimulation. See also The History of Arrakis.

Some also believe that it's a good idea to use spice while destroying planets, but that's not true. Darth Vader once tried this, and instead of hitting the desired planet, he hit some va jj planet, the home of his beloved castle.


Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Spice.

In order to avoid having to pay massive taxes, spice was often shipped across the galaxy by smugglers who, unfortunately, weren't very smart. They were often intercepted by Republic and, later, Imperial patrol ships; without utilizing a bevy of tricks designed to fool customs inspectors, a smuggler wouldn't be able to deliver the spice to its intended destination (no happy dust for you, <insert name here>). Revan was probably the only smuggler who was never caught, but then he had the Force—and a secret compartment within the Ebon Hawk—on his side.