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The snowspeeder, or T-47 airspeeder, was a high-performance airspeeder invented by crazy snowboarders at the Incom Corporation. Snowboarding feuds had turned violent, leading many snowboarders to bring along heavy weaponry with them to the slopes. Wedge Antilles perfected the art of leaping off a snow-jump into a deep cliff, with no parachute, then grabbing onto a passing snowspeeder and landing safely.

Snowspeeders were used on the Battle of Hoth because X-wing fighters eventually froze up after a few hours of exposure to the arctic temperatures. Rouge Squadron performed well in the Battle of Hoth, taking down dozens of AT-ATs with their harpoons and tow cables.

Harpoons and... what the heck were military aircraft doing with harpoons? Well, as it turns out, in their spare time, the Rebel Alliance was hunting endangered whales to extinction.

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