Sith Pocket Book of Minor Force Powers

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The Sith Pocket Book of Minor Sith Powers was yet another one of the many merry products of the Sith publishing house. It was a tiny book that illustrated many minor Force powers that could be used outside of combat. It made for a great coffee table book.


The Jedi say one should only use the Force for the greater good of the galaxy. We say screw them! The Sith should use the Force to their advantage Everywhere. And by everywhere, we mean everywhere! See how minor uses of the force can improve your daily life an make you feel like a whole new you!

List of Minor Force Powers for Every-day Life

The following is a list of the minor Force powers covered within the book. For further details on their effects and how to use then, we will gladly sell you a copy at 100022329487.2 credits, per page (cheap!)

  1. Force ass-wipe: A combo of Force push and Force wind, to keep your hands from ever getting dirty again.
  2. Force condom: For when you are gettin' it on.
  3. Force cover your nose: Channel the Force so that you prevent the spreading of deadly germs. Eliminates the need for hankies.
  4. Force a noob to do your homework: More of a technique than a Force power really...
  5. Force pay your tax bill
  6. Force shut-the-fuck-up: Use in case of Jar Jar Binks. A combo of Force punch-in-the-face and Force stick-up-yo'-ass.
  7. Force upskirt panty-shot: Naughty naughty!
  8. Force everyone to laugh at your lame-ass jokes: Be the life of the party!
  9. Force her panties off: Here's one for the lads. Helps add to the fun within the privacy of your bedroom; hell add even more fun outside in public!
  10. Force kick in the 'nads: And one for the ladies. Works very well to counteract minor Force power number 9.