Sio Bibble

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Bibbles wobble but they don't fall down.
Sio Bibble
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Old Republic

"A communication disruption can only mean one thing.........Senator Palpatine forgot to pay the phone bill again"
―Sio Bibble[src]
"Yep. I did do ya a favor. That old lard tub!"
Darth Vader, on Sio Bibble's death

Sio Bibble A.K.A See a bible liked to dribble with Drebble. His silly bib caught drips from his dippy beard. Bibble nibbled Nibs and hobnobbed with Bobbleheads. When ever he felt threatened he used his beard to kill the intruder usually by wrapping his beard around a planet and then fuzzing it to death.

His ultimate fate remains unknown. Although, considering how immensely annoying he was, it is highly likely that Darth Vader did us all a favor.

Behind the scenes

Sio Bibble was created by Theodore Geisel Suess at the request of George Lucas.

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