School for the Counting Impaired

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"Darth Elmo is the #4, no, #2, no, #15, no, #1 evilest person in the Galaxy!"
Darth Elmo

The School for the Counting Impaired was founded in 125 BBY…sorry, 123 BBY…on Tatooine IV, a planet near the only planet in the galaxy, Tatooine. Wait, that should be Tatooine II. The first one, not the third one. SECOND one.

Let me start over.

The 'School for the Counting Impaired was founded in…breathe123 BBY on Tatooine II.


Anyway, the school had a student population of over eleventy-eight thousand. Students from all over the Galaxies came due to its awards-winning curriculum. Its chancellor was Darth Legion.

A doctorate was given to any student who could count the number of clone troopers in the Galaxy. A student who could give an accurate estimate of the length of a Executor-Class Super Saxton Star Dreadbringer was expelled, as the professors held a private jealousy of all who could.