Sar Agorn

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Sar Agorn
Biographical information


Physical description

Jelly Pudding



Hair color

He's a Jelly Pudding, he had no hair he didn't even have a head!

Eye color

He had no head, so no eyes.


None, look at him, he's a Pudding, why would he have cybernetics?

Personal shit
Chronological and political information

The Jelly Era

Known masters


Known apprentices

Hundreds of other Puddings

"You must not eat me, for I am a Jedi!"
―Sar Agorn

Sar Agorn was a male Jelly Pudding Jedi Master, born in the kitchens of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He was supposed to be eaten by Master Yoda, but fortunately for Agorn, Yoda realized that he wasn't a normal Jelly Pudding before he ate him. For some reason The Force had chosen to give Sar Agorn life, Yoda trained him in the ways of the Jedi and resisted the uncontrollable urge to eat him during this time.



"Eat this jelly pudding I will not, train him I will!"
―Master Yoda

When master Yoda first met Sar Agorn he was planning to eat him, but when he realized the Pudding was alive he decided eating live pudding was not the best thing to do in front of the paparazzi. So Yoda he trained the pudding in the ways of the Force. Training Agorn wasn't easy because he had no hands, arms, legs or feet.... he didn't even have a head! This meant that he couldn't do things like hold a lightsaber and walk, which could be a minor setback when it came to fighting Sith. He never used a lightsaber and he had to use the Force to walk, which he also used the to defend himself from desperate Weight Watchers.

Sar Agorn was invited to every dinner party at the Jedi temple, but he never went to any of them because he knew the other Jedi would try to eat him. During his life many Sith tried to eat him, but he was so powerful that he always managed to run away defeat them.

The Jelly order

"Hello fellow Puddings, I am Sar Agorn, Grand Master of the Jelly Order!"
―Sar Agorn, introducing himself to his new students

Eventually, the Jedi realized that Sar Agorn was a very powerful Jedi, they thought that an army of Jelly Puddings would give them an advantage if the Sith attacked. Sar Agorn would lead this Jelly Order. Agorn and Yoda spent the next four hours years travelling to every planet in the galaxy that made jelly puddings and they saved nearly 700 Puddings. When they finally got back to Coruscant Sar Agorn was promoted to Grand Master of the Jelly Order and started training the Puddings.

Fighting the Sith

Carnage on an unimaginable scale typified battles between the Jelly Order and the Sith.

When Sar Agorn had completed the training of the Puddings they were sent to an unknown planet to fight the Sith. When the Sith saw the Puddings, they attacked them and tried to eat them. Meanwhile, the other Jedi arrived and killed all the Sith. The battle of the unknown planet was one of the few battles the Jedi had ever won and Sar Agorn and his Jelly Order had made it possible. After the battle all Puddings were awarded a medal and every member of the Jedi Order vowed never to eat puddings again...well, except for the Weight Watchers...

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