Saesee Tiin

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What's that smell??
Saesee Tiin
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19 BBY

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kick ass in a Boba Fett/Darth Vader suit

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"I can ride my BARC speeder with no handle bars."
―Saesee Tiin, about his horns

Saesee Tiin was a male Iktotchi who was a Jedi Master.

Early Life

A new Jedi Master is born

Saesee Tiin began his life as an experimental food comestible storage device. As the first off the line, however, his sealing was faulty causing contamination and the growth of a bacterial colony that eventually gained sentience. Doe to this..."unusual" upbringing, Saesee Tiin became a sassy teen and occasionally defied the Jedi Order.

Clone Wars

Saesee was able to live after the Battle of Geonosis. He had one of his handle bars damaged, but it somehow grew back. He liked to dress up as a combination of Darth Vader and Boba Fett. He had a green lightsaber and was a telepath. Tiin was famous for being able to fly really, really nice starships really, really slowly. Some say he took quiet satisfaction in forcing obnoxious drivers behind him into doing the speed limit on Coruscant. Others claim he just had really sucky vision.

However, Tiin's greatest accomplishment came in his final duel, the would-be stacked 4 vs. 1 match-up with Darth Sidious. Unfortunately, Tiin proved that he really did just have sucky vision, because he failed to see Darth Sidious lunging for him over a span of about 25 seconds. Without realizing any imminent need to, oh, I don't know, maybe execute a basic lightsaber parry, Tiin was promptly killed by the Sith Lord. Fortunately, unlike fellow Jedi failures Agen Kolar and Kit Fisto, Tiin did not utter a nonsensical one-liner from his dying place on the chancellor's floor.

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