Rebel Alliance

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Emblem of the Rebel Alliance
"Breaking rocks in the hot sun! I fought the law and the law won!"
―Opening lyrics to the Rebel Alliance anthem

The Rebel Alliance was an alliance of rebels. Its complete name, as found in its founding documents, was the People's United Popular Alliance to Overthrow the Fascist Autocratic Galactic Empire and Restore the Republic and Then Institute a Series of Wide-Ranging Reforms to Combat Corruption and End Racism.

No further information is known about it because all records relating to it were lost when the Death Star was destroyed. All prominent enemy members and leaders were likewise lost in the explosion. However it is known most of them were ding dong players when fighting the Galactic Empire. Most of them played solider boy and always lost battles to the superior forces of the Empire with their X-wings.

Darth Vader stalked them around until he found them in an ice cave. Then the rebels died.

Though a sudden stroke of luck, Darth Vader, the only smart Imperial commander died, allowing those cowboys and dreamers to take over the entire galaxy besides the real cool planets, forming the New Republic.

Known members