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Kyle Katarn, seen here

Quotes by or related to Kyle Katarn

Quotes by Kyle

"The dark side? I've been there. Do your worst."
―Kyle Katarn, to 8t88 and his thugs
"Never trust a bartender with bad grammar."
―Kyle Katarn, about Red-Eye Baldarek
"You always sense a disturbance in the Force."
―Kyle Katarn, to Luke Skywalker
"This is all very interesting, but why should I care?"
―Kyle Katarn
"This place is too darned quiet."
―Kyle Katarn
"All right, men, clear the room, and let's find some furniture in front of that door, and check for exits. It's time for lunch."
―Kyle Katarn
"Thanks for everything. Let's have lunch sometime."
―Kyle Katarn, defeating a pair of hostile bounty hunters
"What? Leaving so soon?"
―Kyle Katarn
"Looks can be deceiving."
―Kyle Katarn
"Thank you, Father."
―Kyle Katarn, to father
"We've got to think out of the box."
―Kyle Katarn, at Jedi meeting
"Learn to drive, you idiot!"
―Kyle Katarn, in traffic
"Is there a bathroom around here? I sense a disturbance in my bladder."
―Kyle Katarn
"Hey, Jan. You goin' to the party Friday?"
―Kyle Katarn
"Huh. Sith. They're up to something again. Same old story."
―Kyle Katarn, reading newsnet
"For myself, the onglet de boeuf à l'échalote. For the lady, the magret de canard au cassis. Also a bottle of the most expensive red and the most expensive white wine you have available. Money is no object. Here's a little something for yourself, too."
―Kyle Katarn, at fancy restaurant
"You got change for a ten?"
―Kyle Katarn
"Boy, I'm feeling good today. You know, I've started drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. Just a glass of ice-cold water. Wakes me right up."
―Kyle Katarn
"Come on, come on, come on."
―Kyle Katarn, waiting for turbolift
"Great game, huh? Pretty dicey near the end, but we won in overtime."
―Kyle Katarn
"Tell Linda I said hi. I'll talk at you down the road, 'kay?"
―Kyle Katarn, outside office
"Looks like rain."
―Kyle Katarn
"Haven't I seen you before?"
―Kyle Katarn, spotting quote collector on street
"Are you writing down everything I say?"
―Kyle Katarn, to quote collector
"Well, I'm flattered, but it's not like everything I say is quotable."
―Kyle Katarn, to quote collector
"Workin' late? Me too."
―Kyle Katarn, at office
"When I was a kid, this whole place was an empty office complex."
―Kyle Katarn, walking around Coruscant
"You again. Are you following me?"
―Kyle Katarn, spotting quote collector again
"I'll take a Coruscant Times, some menthols... look behind me. Be casual. Yeah. Is there someone standing by the corner with a notepad? Dammit. I thought I lost him."
―Kyle Katarn, at newsnet terminal
"New Republic Police? This is Kyle again. Listen, I need to report a stalker. Yeah, he's been following me for a week or two. He runs a Katarn website or something. Really creepy."
―Kyle Katarn, to law enforcement
"You've reached Kyle Katarn. I'm not in right now, but if you leave a message at the tone, I'll do my best to get back with you. Fuck with me, and I'll destroy your planet. Thanks!"
―Kyle Katarn, on answering machine
"Hello? This is Kyle."
―Kyle Katarn, answering com
"Who may I say is calling, please?"
―Kyle Katarn, on com
"No, I don't need any aluminum siding at the moment. Thanks anyway."
―Kyle Katarn, on com
"How'd you get this number?"
―Kyle Katarn, growing suspicious on com
"You know what, I don't think you're selling siding. I think you're that crazy guy who's always collecting my quotes and following me around town."
―Kyle Katarn, getting angry on com
"I'm tracing this call and I'm going to track you down. Goodbye."
―Kyle Katarn, sounding very angry now on com
"Hello quote collector, I see your writing this down, I'd like to give you a present. You got this? Good. Now, make sure to write this, and take a look down the barrel of my Bryar pistol and..."
―God envokes his wrath
"What does my Bryor pistol look like? Do I look like a bitch? Then lets see how you take a second shot, but this time to the stomach..."
―God having a little bit of fun
"You shall feel the lords wraith, evil one, when I lay my blaster upon thee.... nah, I think I'll end you slowly, with this screwdriver..."
―God seeling the Quote collectors fate

Quotes about Kyle

"Wow. You met Kyle Katarn? Cool."
―Quote collector's friend
"I think he's getting mad. You better leave him alone."
―Quote collector's friend, after the first restraining order
"You'd better stop calling him at home. You're going to make him mad."
―Quote collector's friend, who doesn't understand, Kyle is my life!
"AHHHHHHH, my arm, DAMN YOU, damn you Kyle, i hate you!!!!!"
―Quote Collector whining after being shot.
"NO, NO, NOT THE STOMACH, AHHHHHHHH, be merciful, all mighty lord, BE MERCIFUL!!!"
―Quote collector's continued torture
"AAAAARGH, no, God, no, the pain! I'm sorry, Kyle, I – AAAAARGH, I'll never do it again! I swear I'll leave you alone! Don't – not the screwdriver, anything but the screwdriver!! NOOOOOOOO!"
―Quote collector, last words