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King(sized) Dong, feared leader of the Pop-Ups
The New Order of the Dork Side
Formation infomation



They're fucking everywhere!

Date of formation

Sometime ABY

Date of disband

Not yet, dammit!

Member description
Number of members

Too many

Names of members


Average Species

mostly demented Ewoks

Average Gender


Personal information

No one





  • originally to channel Spam

The Pop-Ups were an evil band of dememnted little aliens that ate Spam and followed a cult that revolved around achieving Omnipissance. They continue to be a threat today, although they sometimes act as mercenaries for hire.


The Pop-Ups began as a group of outcast Ewoks (ie the Galaxy's biggest losers) and other unwanted aliens that got their hopes up on hearing Watto extole the virtues of Spam. They joined his cult and expecting to achieve Ultimate Power, they consumed arge quantities of Spam which made them turn insane. After Watto was thrown in jail they broke of on their own to form The New Order of the Dork Side and continued to terrorise the galaxy.


Still suffering fromt he effects of Spam the Ewoks began to fall back on more traditional Ewok behaviour, such as C-3PO worship. They quickly labeled His annoyingness as a divine trait and together with Darth Darth Binks and Yound anakin, placed him in a sort of unholy trinity of irritation. They then declared Omnipissance to be the ultimate goal and proceeded to do anything they could to achieve it. This included crashing parties, sticking chewing gum to public seats and recruiting the children of people that already believe in something else. They accept anyone insane enough to join them.


Pop-Ups made for formidable fighting troops. they knew no fear (or anything for that matter) and could channel Spam to cause major bloodshed. They were howerver completely mad and uncontrollable (role models for later day berserkers). A bunch of Pop-Ups were once hired as body guards and ended up killing themselves.

"I find your browser's lack of a Pop-Up blocker disturbing..."
―A disgruntled holonet user

The most common weapon of the Pop-Up warrior was called Penis Enlargement and was indeed as painful as it sounds. They used this frequently and without remorse and they flooded Galactic servers with messages advertisin g their capabilities for hire. This was also a method of attaining Omnipissance.

Notable Members

  • Lord King(sized) Dong
  • Vi-adi-Gra
  • Holo-credit D'et?
A late night holonet session disturbed by a Pop-Up ad