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Overreferencing[2][3][4] was[2][5][6] the[7][2] practice[8][2][2] of[9][10][11] having[2][12][13] way[2][14][15][16][17] too[18][19][20] many[21][22] references[23][24][25] in[26][27][28] an[29][30] article.[31][32][33]



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Notes and references

  1. Bah!
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  11. I was having a bad day, this guy started annoying me
  12. Fair enough, I know the feeling
  13. So, are we cool?
  14. Course we are, you're my man
  15. Hey Bill, what're you doing round here?
  16. Just sticking my head in. Tony's not here, is he?
  17. Yeah, he's in the kitchen
  18. Hiya Tony, what's up?
  19. Not much, just chilling out here. You?
  20. Nothin' major, nothin' major. My wife's staying at her sister's
  21. And she left you with the kids?
  22. Yeah; I have 'em out back playing swingball at the minute, they're interested in that
  23. Glad to hear it
  24. So how's your Mickey? Doin' well in school?
  25. Don't go there buddy, don't go there
  26. Ok, fine by me. Anyway, I was wonderin' if I could borrow that Boney M CD you had playing the other night. Tuesday, was it?
  27. Nah, Thursday
  28. Ah yes, Thursday
  29. Sure, take it; my wife never stops playin' it; drives me nuts to be honest
  30. Meh, I think that Boner N is a seminal artist of the 20th Century, personally. Well, see ya Tony
  31. Bye
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