Ord Mantell

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"Solo. You shouldn't have come here."
"Boba Fett?!"
"Han? Is that you?"
"Going somewhere, Solo?"
"Greedo? You're dead!"
"Hey! I thought I heard Boba Fett...oh, hi, guys!"
"Dash Rendar?!"
"Greedo? Wow!"
"Talon Karrde!"
"GAAAAAAAAH! This happens every time I go to Ord Mantell!
Han Solo, visiting Ord Mantell and meeting everyone he's ever known

Ord Mantell was a relatively unimportant planet in the Mid Rim, used by the Galactic Republic as a regional depot, i.e. junkyard and slum. For some reason, every time Han Solo visited Ord Mantell, he was attacked by some bounty hunter or other, like when IG-88 attacked him while he was repairing damage to Renegade Squadron. Boba Fett attacked Jaden Korr there.

Basically, Ord Mantell was a planet to avoid at all costs. Smugglers and bounty hunters would inevitably start shooting at one another. The Yuuzhan Vong temporarily conquered the planet, but it was eventually liberated by, who else, Boba Fett and a bunch of Mandalorians.

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