New Jedi Order

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New Jedi Order
Formation infomation

Hulk Hogan

Member description
Names of members
  • Kevin Nash
  • Scott Hall
  • Syxx
  • The Giant
Average Species


Personal information
  • Sting and the old Jedi Order
  • nJo Wolfpac

We're takin' over, brother!


Destroyed WCW


Destroyed WCW

"4 Life, 4 Life, 4 Life"
―nJo theme

The New Jedi Order or nJo was a dominating group of Jedi that invaded the Jedi Order during the New Republic era. Renowned hometown hero Hulk Hogan returned to the Jedi to help defend them against the Sith, but then shocked the world by turning on his friends, hitting the legdrop on Luke Skywalker, and declaring himself the leader of the new order of Jedi, brother!

As the feud between the factions progressed, countless Jedi joined the New Jedi Order, including Kyp Durron, Kenth Hamner, Alema Rar, Lowbacca... actually, after a few months everybody had joined the nJo except for Luke Skywalker, Sting and a couple of nameless Jedi in brown robes. The conflict came to a head at Bash at the Beach 10 ABY, where Sting and Luke were set to take on Hogan and Nash in a steel cage, winner takes all. The winner would take the Jedi Heavyweight Grand Master Title and also get to destroy the loser's planet. Sting and Luke were booked to go over and get their revenge, but at the last minute, Hogan invoked his creative control clause and insisted on winning. Attendees to the match were confused by the booking and hurled trash at the ring.

What you gonna do, brother, when the nJo runs wild on you?

The storyline dragged out for years after that with no real resolution. The nJo never lost and constantly bullied everyone around them, with no repercussions. Ratings dwindled, and eventually disappeared entirely. The Jedi brand was bought by Vince McMahon, who promptly shook up the universe by booking a Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

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