Nar Shanana

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Typical inhabitant of Nar Shanana
"Whose bright idea was it to invite these guys to Woodstock?"
―Some hippie

Nar Shanana was a densely populated moon circling the swamp world of Nal Hubbabubba in the Mid Rim. Its population was notable for their leather jackets, greasy pompadours, and gold lamé. Its capital city, Bowzer, was notable for having a large number of bass singers and jukebox diners. Cities on Nar Shanana included: Babappaba, Dipdedipdipdip, Dangadongding, Bowbowbow, and Ditditditdoo. Musicians from Nar Shanana were known to show up at hippie concerts and taunt the crowd with doo-wop music.

The movie Grease was filmed on Nar Shanana, a fact for which their government refuses to apologize.