Mon Mothra

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Mon Mothra
Biographical information



63 BBY


At the hands of a giant lizard (later revived( The ripoff bat cave( final death)

Physical description

Space-going supermoth




Same as width

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Known masters

Lord Moth

Mon Mothra was the mutant moth leader of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic. Capable of firing lasers through her antennae and lightning bolts through her wings, Mon Mothra was even more renowned for her ability to delegate all important matters of state to Princess Leia (who really ought to have been queen, shouldn't she?) while saying hippie crap about not blowing up planets or killing the bad guy. She was also rumored to occasionally engage in cityscape-destroying battles with Godzillo, but these rumors remain unconfirmed. Any time anyone, for any reason, did not refer to her by her full name each and every time they encountered her, she would destroy their planet using her gale-inducing wings.

Mon Mothra left the Rebels and formed a new order, The Hive. She ruled over it for a bit, insulted Darth Ackbar and got very drunk. She lived a long life in The Hive with her many minions to gaurd her. Darth Siphon arrived at the Hive on a Tuesday and wanted to get in. Mon Mothra attacked him in a angry mum rage and blasted him off the edge of the Hive. He survived and Gathered an army of strange animals to destroy the Hive. Mothra saw his army coming and had lasers shot at them. The army was quickly destroyed and Mon Mothra attacked a Darth Siphon once More. Siphon cut off her wings and she ran away. Siphon they blew up the Hive. The wingless Mothra went into hiding. An explorer found her in her bat cave and killed her.