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Height of average adult

really small

Average length

really small


They give you Powah!

"I appear to be some manner of genius!"
―George Lucas, declaring the creation of midi-chlorians

Midi-chlorians were microscopic life-forms that resided in all living cells, and communicated with the Force. They were well known as an utterly brilliant concept, and beloved by all fanboys everywhere.

History of a maggot

Anakin: "I don't like the idea of having lots of tiny creatures inside my body."
Qui-Gon: "None of us do, kid."
Anakin Skywalker learns about midi-chlorians

It is totally true that midi-chlorians expanded upon and deepened the nature of the Force. While some non-believers would deride the decision to introduce the notion of selective aptitude with the Force based upon an arbitrary system of how many bacteria a person carried in their cells, the concept is literally genius. It means that those few who coincidentally have a helluva load of midi-chlorians, regardless of whether or not they actually deserve unlimited powah, are elevated above all the ordinary folk who would otherwise have also been made to feel special by tapping into the latent powers available to all who possessed the drive and peace of mind to reach their full potential. This is roughly analogous to, say, the children of an extreme smack-down wrestler receiving automatic qualification for a SWAT team, because their father (or mother) had proclivity for obscenely large biceps.

In conclusion

"Midi-chlorian booster shots! For those of you who just aren't as genetically worthy of respect..."
―Galactic advertising campaign

In conclusion, George Lucas is totally a genius for thinking of this shit stuff. Brilliant stuff. Midi-chlorians. Wow. Also, the only known threat to midi-chlorians is penicillin (cause it's bacteria, Duh).

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