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"Good shot, Janson!"
Wedge Antilles, every time Wes Janson nailed a furry alien[src]
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Drawkcab Boris Edward Travis Roger Yusav Arthur Lector H'trad later renamed Darth Judas was a minor Sith Underlord during the time of the Jedi Knight Jesus Christ. He was born on the planet Isreal to parents Steve Perry and Perry's creation Guri. His parents had high expectations for him until he failed out of pre-school. He was then sent to the Sith Academy where he trained with Darth Generic. But he pretty much sucked at that after he was found smoking Weed in an empty classroom with Generic. Angry his parents sent him to an old friend and Sith Overlord, Darth Awesome to be whipped in to shape. He was. Darth Awesome had a four inch thick whip, hurts like shit. He was then sent to kill Jedi Master Jesus Christ to redeem his pretty much pointless life so far.

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Evil Genius of the Month
January's Evil Genius of the Month... for now:
All hail the Darthipedian who boldly Wookiee-Nookied the previous Evil Genius of the Month to death!
The Bothan Herald
As long as Bambi's mother won't be slaughtered by Tusken raiders. That would mess with continuity.
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Wow, Qui-Gon has really let himself go with this wise-man chic.
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Conversation of Vader and the Pizza delivery man