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This article is about The Madclaw!. You may be looking for other uses of the word..
―Soon deceased hunter

Wookiees were one of the most noble species in the galaxy; however, there would always be those who would choose to walk a darker path. In case of the Wookiees, this would be the Madclaw. A Madclaw was in essence a Wookiee with Tatooinian Rabies.

A Madclaw, adorable isn't he?


Symptoms included foaming at the mouth, pissing against everything, humping legs and an uncontrollable urge to PWN everything and anyone in sight, such as rancors, krayt dragons and entire units of stormtroopers (although this was not that hard to do, since any idiot with a blaster and the blessing of being a main character George Lucas could do it.

What to do when encountering a Madclaw

Mace Windu: "Run bitches, run for your mothafrakking life!!!!!"
Townsmen: "Go chew spice, ya bald ol' bugger!"
— Mace Windu and the townsmen of a town plagued by a Madclaw! just before the Madclaw! eats everybody

The only way to stop a Madclaw was Option one as described in the Sith handbook on alien encounters (Chapter: Wookiees), or in some Extreme cases Option two.

Dumb Sith who did not bother to read the Sith handbook on alien encounters would often try to use Force lightning on a nearby Madclaw. However, this would only arouse the target and would end in Wookiee-Nookie 99% of the time ( the other 1% would commit Seppoodoo in fear of the horrifying Wookiee-Nookie). Dumb Jedi ( who were not allowed to read the Sith handbook on alien encounters, since Sith lore was forbidden to them) would use a Jedi-mind trick on the raging subject, they did not fall victim to Wookiee-Nookie, instead they would be beaten to death with their own limbs.


There is no cure you moron!! Once infected with Tatooinian Rabies, a Wookiee will be a Madclaw for he rest of his life, however, in boring times or times of need, a regular Wookiee could become a Madclaw for short amount of time when he consumed large portions of Corellian ale, Arrakis spice, death sticks or caffeine (not the planet).

Notable Madclaws

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