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2.26 m

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All over

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Asshole enemies

George Lucas

Forms of ass-kickery

Ripping arms off

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  • New Republic era
  • New Jedi Order era
  • Legacy era
Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Lowbacca.

Lowbacca, full name Lowdowndirtybacca, "Lowie" for short, was the only Wookiee Jedi in Star Wars continuity. He was Chewbacca's nephew and the childhood friend of Jaina and Jacen Solo. His lightsaber was bronze-colored.

See, like, how cool is that? He's a Wookiee... and a Jedi! He could rip your arms off... with the Force! And what a truly original concept. A Wookiee Jedi. Because it's not as if every single Star Wars RPG gamer has created one of those. It's such a novel concept. He carried a snarky translator droid with him to translate his Shyriiwook (a snarky droid? another original concept). Oh, and he pulled the old Mace Windu "ooh, look at my slightly different colored lightsaber, ain't I cool" crap. Bronze? Good grief. It's called yellow. Live with it.

Lowbacca was such an obvious fan-wank that George Lucas Himself stepped in and personally decreed that There Will Be No More Wookiee Jedi. Upon hearing this, Troy Denning, Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, James Luceno, and Michael Stackpole got sheepish looks on their faces, crumpled up their Star Wars characters sheets, and asked for a few months extension on their upcoming novels. Lucas was also about to completely erase Lowbacca from canon, like Jaxxon the space rabbit, but Rick McCallum held him back. However, George demanded that Lowbacca be turned into a total pussy, and so it was done. During Lowbacca's illustrious Jedi career he almost died from an allergic reaction to bug bites, was shot from behind by a Dark Jedi (guessing his Force senses sucked), got bitch-slapped by Kyp Durron, and finally stabbed in the lung by the lead singer of Yuuzhan and the Vongnets. But he's still there, so everybody who wanted a Wookiee Jedi shouldn't complain.