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The lightwhip was a kinky variation of lightsaber wielded by female Sith and sometimes Jedi who liked to wear skin-tight leather catsuits. In the old era, Githany was a master of the lightwhip. The Nightsister Silri was so skilled with her lightwhip that she could actually wield it with her breasts. And of course, Lumiya was the most famous lightwhip user in the galaxy. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, and Jacen Solo all felt the hot tangy copper kiss of Lumiya's lightwhip on many occasions. Men usually didn't use lightwhips. The thought of wielding such a flaccid weapon made them feel inadequate. Indiana Jones used one all the time, though.

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Lightwhips were very difficult to control. Are you kidding? You try swinging one of those things around without getting half your face cut off. Oh, go ahead, you're so smart. It'll all end in tears and amputations, just you watch.