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I've got you now, ya scum! Hah... hah... hah

A Krankor (distantly related to the rancor) was a carnivorous repto-mammal biped with large claws, a hooked nose, and a broad mustache. Krankors were kept as beasts of burden and gladiatorial competitors by crime lords and Hutts throughout the known galaxy. Cruel and savage beasts, Krankors had a limited intelligence and a limited vocabulary, consisting mostly of "Hah... hah... hah... hah... hah... hah" and "I've got you now, ya scum!" and "Give everyone four hours off." Their limited intelligence also made them unable to draw simple conclusions, such as the fact that their weapons had no effect upon their victims.

The stench of a Krankor's foul breath was more than most beings could stand, and they had a tendency to discharge caustic vapors. They had an irrational hatred of bootblacks, especially those who liked their jobs very much.


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