Sabacc Table:Knights of the Old Republic

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Beginning game...

Boot up complete.


Four thousand years before LUKE SKYWALKER sank the luckiest shot in the history of the Galaxy, the Old Republic verges on the brink of total annihilation. DARTH MALAK, illegitimate heir to THE DARK LORD REVAN'S Sith empire, has unleashed his fearsome Sith Armada against the weakest planets in the Republic.

Crushing tiny amounts of resistance, Malak's war of conquest has not gone unnoticed. The Jedi have fought him on all fronts, and yet somehow are losing to him, dividing the Jedi Order, and yet the Jedi Council sits on Dantooine, thinking they are safe from anything.

Over the skies of yet another weak Outer Rim world, a Jedi Battle fleet—that mysteriously only has two Jedi—encounters the Sith Armada. All the while, you are asleep in your bed. Now hold on to your trousers, kid, cause your wet dreams are about to be blown to hell....

Begin Game