Kit Fisto

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Kit was pretty ballin!
Kit Fisto
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"Master Fisto, in these matters, trust your ability to have ridiculous dreads we do."

Kit Fisto was a Jamaican stereotype Nautolan Jedi created by The Lord of all things nerdy. He had had tentacle-dreads, like a Rastafarian, a nifty lightsaber, and a brilliant shiny smile. But besides depicting Jamaicans as fun-loving hippies, he was pretty freakin' awesome.

One of the most highly respected Jedi Masters in the Jedi Order. Not because of his amazing lightsaber technique or ability to defuse any hostile situation or so forth…but rather because of his gleaming smile and the fact that he once snogged Aayla Secura. Because she was, er, drowning. Yeah. He was giving her air. That's it. Damn him. Unfortunately, his sexiness wasn't very effective against Emperor Palpatine, who sliced his head off and then placed it on his desk as some kind of grisly trophy. But that didn't matter; Kit's squid head had mondo regeneration powers, and he grew a new body, even sexier than the old one. He lived long enough to bang Alema Rar. Whoo!

―Kit Fisto

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Kit getting hopeful
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