Killer RoboLeia 2000

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Killer RoboLeia 2000
Biographical information

Dagobah Skunkworks





Physical description

Human Replica Droid




1.56 m

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


  • Laser eyes
  • Vibrating naughty bits
Chronological and political information

Rebel Alliance

Known masters
"You go ahead, sweetheart. I'll stay here and brief Killer RoboLeia on the finer points of espionage and infiltration. After all, she'll need to know how to impersonate you down to the... smallest... most intimate... detail..."
Han Solo, to Leia Organa Solo

Killer RoboLeia 2000 was a Human Replica Droid designed to be an exact replica of the (young) Leia Organa Solo. You know, before she showed up in Drop Dead Fred. Killer RoboLeia, through precise engineering and abstinence from cocaine, maintained a healthy, sexy appearance throughout her existence. She was no Guri, but she was definitely in the Top 5 of sexiest droids ever.

She was created by Project Decoy in order to pose as Leia during dangerous missions. She was equipped with blasters that shot out of her eyes and a homing mechanism that allowed her to track the real Leia from great distances. She participated in many hazardous actions and negotiations... and each time, Han Solo insisted on long, intense, one-on-one briefing sessions with the droid. Sometimes these briefing sessions lasted as long as 48 hours. For some reason, they always seemed to come to a sudden halt whenever the original Leia approached. Han also bought Killer RoboLeia her own luxury suite in Cloud City, with an oversized waterbed, where he visited her often, ostensibly to pay homage to her superb engineering and keep up-to-date on espionage.

Killer RoboLeia 2000 died in the middle of a wedding to the three-eyed Imperial warlord Trioculus. Long story. She killed him with her eye-beams and then got gunned down. At her funeral, Han Solo burst into tears and leapt on the coffin.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Leia Organa II.