Kick the Empire's ass day

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Kick the Empire's ass day was the name given to a specific day by the Kaminoans to the day on which they kicked the Empire's ass. It all started when Darth Vader arrived on Kamino because he needed more Clone troopers Stormtroopers. Unfortunately the Empire had a reputation for always paying their bills late, and the Kaminoans hated it when people payed their payed them late. So, the Kaminoans decided to kick the Empire's ass in stead of making another army for them.

The battle

The Kaminoans used their own clone army to attack the Imperial garrison that had landed on the planet to assist Darth Vader with the acquisition of the clones when the stormtroopers were having lunch in a restaurant. The stormtroopers, that would normally only eat disgusting Imperial food, were distracted by all the very good Kaminoan food in the restaurant so they didn't notice the clone troopers shooting at them until they got hit. When Darth Vader found out all of his Stormtroopers were killed he tried to kill the Kaminoans, but there were to many Kaminoan clone troopers so he was forced to withdraw.


"Destroy all records of the existence of the planet Kamino, I don't want anyone to find that planet ever again. Let the Kaminoans rot in boringness!"
Palpatine after he heard about "Kick the Empire's ass day"

After this battle, which had lasted for about 15 minutes, the Emperor was so angry that he ordered his stormtroopers to destroy all records of the planet Kamino, the Kaminoans were once again deleted from every archive in the galaxy. As soon as his stormtroopers destroyed all records of the planet, Palpatine realized that it would have been easier to destroy Kamino... but by this time no one knew where the planet was, so destroying it was impossible.