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"Today's forecast today is rain, and tomorrow a chance of rain, and for the rest of the week rain with no end in sight."
―Kaminoan Meteorologist
How We see Kamino
How the Kaminoans see Kamino (Dulled down version for stupid, pathetic Human eyes

Kamino was the home planet of the Kaminoans. The planet was a desert which flooded in the Great 20 Second Flood. They survived extinction on their giant birds (which are somehow unaffected by the weather) One day, by accident, a stupid Jedi who was angry over his Kaminoan girlfriend dumping him, removed Kamino from the Jedi Archives as a form of petty revenge. As a result they were all almost bored to death. The Planet was eventually found by Count Dooku and used to farm a clone army.

The planet was later destroyed by Darth Darth Binks.

Important Kaminoans

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