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"I'm Kadir. I'm the janitor."
"Wow. Who am I? Have the Sith conquered the galaxy? What's the nature of the Force? Where can I find some thugs to beat up to gain levels?"
"Um, I don't know. I'm just the ja—"
"Where's Bastila? Hey, is Coruscant in this game? That'd be sweet!"
"Listen, sonny, just because I'm the first character dialogue in the game doesn't mean you can get all the answers out of me."
"Can I kill you once this conversation is over?"
Darth Revan, meeting Kadir

Kadir was the janitor in the Taris Upper City, who briefly talked to Darth Revan and had nothing important to say... except to tell him where the cantina was.

Kadir was born in the Lower City to lower middle-class parents who immigrated to Taris from Metellos in search of a new life of prosperity. They prospered at first, but eventually fell on hard times. Kadir's parents were college educated, but could find no gainful employment. They started their own import-export business, but could not afford to send Kadir to college. Kadir went to a technical school to learn the janitorial arts and graduated top of his class. After moving to the Upper City, Kadir became a model citizen and made a good living for 20 years. He got married, settled down, had three lovely children, Terence, Owen and Kitty, and worked well into his late middle age. He gave generously to local charities and also supported his aging parents.

Darth Revan, who was suffering from amnesia and thought he was some random schlub working for the Republic, showed up in the apartment Kadir was cleaning and began asking him a bunch of questions he didn't know the answers to. Kadir kept telling him to go to the cantina if he wanted answers, but he just kept going around and around in these circular conversations. Revan then began insulting him, taunting him, and clearly wanted to kill him after the conversation was over, but was prevented by hardwired game mechanics. Instead, Kadir died with the Sith bombarded the planet's surface.

Ironically, there was no one to clean up Kadir's body after his death; janitors sure aren't what they used to be.

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