Jax Pavan 27

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This article is about a Human male named Jax Pavan who lived on Coruscant. You may be looking for one of the 582,797,753 others.

Jax Pavan 27 was one of the 582,797,754 Human males named Jax Pavan on Coruscant. He was a bit weird. He had met both Yoda and Anakin Skywalker, and believed the latter was "just a small fry." He left his mother's basement halfway through his twenty-sixth year of life. He was an avid fan of the film Jek Porky's and the song "99 Bottles of Elba Beer on the Wall." He was a competent fighter, using a ball peen hammer that he had acquired for free at a local hardware store. He was also an excellent runner, and in one race put his love of running and love of weaponry to the test by finishing in first place while dual-wielding a set of potentially lethal cutting implements.

He wasn't particularly clean, wearing the same underwear for days on end.