JI-AT Jimmie Walker

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A JI-AT prepares to unleash wacky hijinks on the planet Hoth.

The JI-AT All-Terrain "Jimmie" Walker was a heavily armored war vehicle of the Galactic Empire. It was best known for its highly destructive primary weapon, "dyn-o-mite." It has been speculated that this weapon was even more dangerous than Darth Small's Mini Death Star (this has yet to be confirmed). Darth Vader used dyn-o-mite to great effect at the Battle of Hoth, destroying a Rebel Alliance dairy farm and wiping out the shield generator.

Jimmie Walkerstein, the inventor of the JI-AT All-Terrain "Jimmie" Walker, was famous for having destroyed his planet with dyn-o-mite, for which he was posthumously awarded a Nobel prize. Tragically, he was killed the night before the ceremony by Cassus Fett the Lesser, who beat him to death with a peanut butter jar for winning a sabacc card game. The vehicles, however, were rendered obsolete by Sesame Street, with many being converted into lunchboxes for children. Others found use as heavy ice cream trucks by intergalactic fast food chains.

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