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Adding a poll

To add a poll, enter the following code:

Title of poll
Choice 1
Choice 2

For example:

What is your favourite color?

Which will result in this:

<poll> What is your favourite color? Red Green Blue Other </poll>

How it works

Votes are registered under either your username or, if you're not logged in, your IP address. This means that it is easy to manipulate the results, and the poll feature should not be used for important purposes.

After they have voted, users will be displayed their own vote and the time they gave it. It is however not possible to display this data for other users.

Users can change their vote anytime.

The poll will display the number and percentage of votes for each choice, the total number of votes given so far, and the date and time when the poll was created.

Resetting the votes

It is not possible to end, i.e. to 'freeze', a poll. All polls last indefinitely.

To reset all votes, change either the title or one of the poll's choices (which will, in effect, create a new poll).