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Many namespaces can be linked to within Darthipedia.

Complete list of namespaces

Namespace Purpose Example
(main) Contains all the articles about Darthipedia Darth Main Page
Talk Contains discussion pages about the articles in the main namespace, one for each main-namespace page. Talk:Darth Main Page
User Contains user pages - one page (and possibly subpages) for each user. User:Gonk
User talk Contains pages used to discuss things specifically with other users - add a message to the user talk page of the user you want to contact. User talk:Gonk
Darthipedia Contains pages that are specifically about the wiki, rather than Star Wars - behind-the-scenes administration and similar things. Darthipedia:About
Darthipedia talk Discussions about the Darthipedia pages, one for each Darthipedia page (similar to Talk). Darthipedia talk:About
Image and Media When a file is uploaded (even if it's not an image) it goes into the Image namespace. A link labelled [[Image:filename]] will include the image in a page, clicking on it will go to an information page. [[:Image:filename]] will be a normal text link to that information page and [[Media:filename]] a direct link straight to the file Image:Example.jpg
Image talk Same as Talk, but for the images. Not regularly used on this wiki. Image talk:Example.jpg
Template Contains pages that are intended to be included in another page with {{curly braces}}. If you use the curly braces and don't specify a namespace, the templates will come from here. Template:User
Template talk Same as Talk, for the templates. Template talk:User
Help Contains pages designed to help people learn how to use the wiki. Help:Contents
Help talk Same as Talk, for Help pages. Help Talk:Contents
Category These pages don't have much content, rather they are used to group other pages. Adding [[Category:categoryname]] to any page will put it in that category. Like with Image, you can use [[:Category:categoryname]] to link to a category. Category:Darthipedia
Category talk Same as Talk, for the categories. Category talk:Darthipedia
Special This doesn't actually contain editable pages, but rather automated scripts, for various purposes such as the watch list and recent changes. It also has important pages for the maintenance of the wiki. Special:Specialpages

Interwiki Links

Although interwiki prefixes are not namespaces, you can use the namespace style to link to pages on other sites: