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Grover is going.jpg
Biographical information

Sesame Street Frigate


On his birthday


He was executed in public

Physical description



Male chauvinist


0.3 meters

Hair color


Eye color

Red beady

Chronological and political information

Sesame Street

Known masters

Darth Darth Binks

Grover was a member of the evil gang Sesame Street, although he often did his own work. For example, he had to work alone in the murder of Ernie's son-in-law, Jolee Bindo. After the suicide of Darth Elmo, he went abroad and made sure that Aayla Secura, who had escaped Elmo's lightsaber, would survive. Fifteen years later, he married the grateful and equally blue Twi'lek. Take that, fanboy scum! They had 199 children, way too many of them to name. Most of us are descended from Grover and Aayla. Unfortunately, the intergalactic police eventually found him and he was executed without a trial for horrific crimes against the galaxy, being sentenced to death by melting at Mustafar. The furry Muppet criminal became one with the lava force.

Role in the organization

Grover was the sniper of the organization. While the other members prepared themselves, Grover would look for a good place to snipe. He was very good at it, killing anyone that would be a threat against Sesame Street during their mission.

Behind the scenes

"Grover" spelled backwords is "revorG", and "revorG" spelled backwards is "Grover". Coincidence? I think not.